• development of diagnostic (3D, elastography, contrast agents, etc.) and therapeutic minimal invasive imaging methods, like ultrasound, endoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound procedures.

• development of hybrid imaging systems (endoscopic ultrasound and confocal laser endomicroscopy, image registration during endoscopic ultrasound based on CT/MR imaging, etc.).

• enhancement of current screening strategies of digestive cancers, in low-income countries, based on minimal invasive imaging technologies (e.g. capsule endoscopy)

• personalized telemedicine applications based on innovative micro- and biosensors, coupled with wireless technologies and miniature hand-held devices

• complex biostatical and artificial intelligence analysis of structured data, as well as integrated automatic decision systems

Biomedical engineering

• software for medical imaging, 3D reconstruction, hybrid imaging with electromagnetic tracking,

• prototype design and execution of instrumentation for interventional radiology with electromagnetic tracking

• design and development of equipments for prosthesis testing,

• design and development of medical robotics and mechatronics systems

• computational modeling and simulation of tissues behavior under physiological and extreme solicitations, prosthesis-tissues interaction, bone remodeling, blood flow and large vessels and capillaries.


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