About us

MEDINSYS (MEDical and INnovative SYStems) was founded in 2010 as a Medical and Biomedical Engineering spin-off and was initially supported from EU structural funds for SME during a 15 months research grant:

"Innovative system for early diagnosis, accurate staging and treatment screening of patients with digestive and lung cancer – TRIG2ER".

     The founders of the company are five professionals, university professors, clinicians and engineers with more than 30 years of combined experience in medical clinical practice and technology research and development.

     During our research activity in University we:
- coordinated 15 national research grants as Principal Investigator
- participated in 12 national and international grants,
- published over 160 scientific papers and 18 books as author/co-author.

     The members of our team have a combined 3 years of research experience in the US and EU research laboratories such as University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center USA; Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark; East-West Space Sciences Center at University of Maryland at College Park, USA; Gentofte University Hospital Copenhagen, Denmark; Imaging Science and Information Systems (ISIS) at Georgetown University, Washington, USA; URobotics Laboratory, Urology Department at Johns Hopkins University, USA.


     The mission of MEDINSYS is to provide to national and international clients with consultancy and R&D services in clinical and medical engineering field from procedures, techniques or instruments concept design and development to technology transfer, with a highly skilled professional team working together, using common sense and practical experience.

Value Proposition

     This service will fill a current need of interdisciplinary knowledge in clinical and medical research activities:
- Developing state-of-the-art medical research services for interested institutions and participation in national and international research projects.
- Bringing to life from design to prototyping of valuable ideas of new instruments from experienced surgeons.
- Engineering consultancy offered to research laboratories to create new medical instruments by finding optimal design solutions and prototyping technologies.
- Offering consultancy for technology transfer issues.


Address: Calea Unirii 32,
Craiova, Dolj, 200409, Romania

Phone/Fax: +40 351 431 055,

Mobile Phone: +40 721 244 200

Email: office [at] medinsys.com

USA representative:

Global Medical Product Development, Ltd. www.globalmpd.com

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